Some unique Photos which have quite shocking backstories

A photo can literally speak a million words. And you will be amazed to see some of the photographs which speak for itself.

As per the research reports compiled by 3M, it was known that visual has a higher processing speed of approximately 6,00,000 times more than words. So, now you that the magic is not in words but in eyes.

So, without wasting more words here, let’s have a look at what the pictures have to offer. We have collated some of the most stunning and historically important pictures for you. let’s begin –

1. Daughter Breastfeeding her father –

The title can be shocking. But this is as it is. This happened centuries ago in Rome when a father was sentenced to prison. He was given a punishment of dying naturally. The man was asked not to be fed and then gradually he will die. But his only relative in the world, his daughter couldn’t see her father in such a poor state. She was allowed to give any eatables to her father. So, she pleaded prison authorities to just allow her to visit her father every day. And during that she used to feed her father breast milk. When the man didn’t die even after months, then the prison authorities kept a close watch and came to know about the truth. As a result, the court was impressed and set her father free.

2. Jonestown from the top –

A cyanide poisoning which led to the death of 909 Americans at this town under the leadership of Jim Jones. It is popularly called as “Revolutionary Suicide”.

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3. Dead Women –

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This woman is actually dead. But this photo was taken by her loving and caring husband who just couldn’t bear his wife to go away from him. Taking photographs with your dead family members is quite a common custom in American and European culture around the 19-20th century.

4. Girl drawing her home –

This picture shows how a child’s mind is affected. A child who was staying at a refugee camp was asked to draw a picture of her home. And this is what she drew. This shows the kind of horror and confusion which she has in her mind. Later it was found out that the girl has never seen her home only but has heard about the horror stories of other homes at the camp.

5. Monk on Fire –

Many people might have seen this picture. But they surely would have mistaken the whole story about this picture. The monk and others in the picture were protesting against Vietnamese Government and their discrimination towards the Buddhists in the early 60s.

6. Love for the man –

Blanche Monnier wanted to marry someone her mother didn’t approve of. One fine day the lady disappeared. Everyone thought that she ran away with the man. 25 years later it was found that her mother held her hostage in her own house at the attic.

7. Rubber Mask –

During the 1960s, Edward Paisnel used to wear a rubber mask and then kill and rape women and children. While after many such murders the man was caught by the police and this is his only photograph with the mask.

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8. War Photos –

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There is nothing more alarming than a war photo. This photo was taken during WWII in Japan. Here the child had lost his mother but later on his father, fortunately, got the child and took care of him.

9. Feeding the child –

This is also a WWII photo. Here the only intention of the solider is to make sure that the child has his bread. Here both the child and the solider is sitting on the debris.

10. Photographing Murders –

Another Serial killer Harvey Glatman used to tie ladies and then kill them. but before the murder, he used to rape them and also photograph them. This is one such photograph.

11. Punishment –

This photograph was taken in the Ukrainian town of Vinnitsa. Here a soldier is being executed by the Nazis. After many years this photograph was found in the diary of another solider.

12. Colonialism –

Here a father and a rubber worker is photographed who is looking at the cut hands and legs of his 5-year-old daughter.  This was done only because the man couldn’t meet his quota for the day.

13. Masked Man –

A masked dressed man with a sword walked into the Swedish school as Darth Vader. Students were excited and even took photographs with him. And just after that he went on a killing spree and killed 12 people and injured many others.

14. Scary –

Maria De Hoya was suffering from Tuberculosis and her treating doctor Carl Tanzler fell in love with her.  The lady died within some days. But the man didn’t want to be separated from her. And thus kept her mummified from some days. But then the police came to know and took the dead body.

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15. Selling Body Parts –

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Here a Siberian couple is seen selling body parts because they were dying of extreme hunger and couldn’t make their ends meet. And it is suspected that they are selling the body parts of their own son who has already died because of hunger.

16. Unemployment –

This is the photo of a man who is struggling to keep his family alive on the eve of unemployment.

17. Hunted Buffalos –

It is a widely known phenomenon that pioneers of American West hunted for buffaloes till the level of their extinction. And this is one such photograph where the cruel level of hunting is seen.

18. Returning Home –

Here a WWII soldier returns home and is devastated to find not only his home but his family also has completely died in the war.

19. Hiroshima Bomb –

This photo was taken seconds before the bomb was dropped at Hiroshima by the US. It seems that the photographer might also have died after this.

20. Self Operation –

Soviet Doctor Leonid Rogozov was serving at a very remote part of Antarctica when he came to know that he is suffering from Appendicitis. He knew that there was no nearby doctor present and thus he operated himself and removed the appendix. The operation was successful and he quickly recovered.

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