Listen to our podcast on how to have better sex

The latest episode of the Healthy Podcast is here and this time, we’re discussing what it means to have a healthy sexual relationship. Our editorial director, Ellie Hughes, is joined by psychosexual therapist and author of The Relate Guide to Sex & Intimacy and Love and Sex in a New Relationship, Cate Campbell, to answer all of your burning questions.

In line with the release of Healthy’s ‘Vagina Issue’, out now, Ellie and Cate discuss why our obsession with orgasms could be preventing them, how we can get closer to our partner and whether or not there’s a magic number attached to how many times we should be ‘doing it’. You can listen to the podcast below.

If you’d like to read more on the topics raised, pick up a copy of our September issue, out now, in which Cate debunks common orgasm myths, experts debate whether watching porn can ever be healthy and we share tips on how to boost your vaginal microbiome.


Listen to our podcast on how to have better sex

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Listen to our podcast on how to have better sex


Psychosexual therapist and author, Cate Campbell, answers your questions on orgasms, building intimacy and how often we should be having sex


Niamh Leonard-Bedwell


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