AllerAir Salon Pro 5 Plus Vocarb with UV

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How It WorksThe AllerAir Salon Pro 5 Plus Air purifier with UV (previously called AllerAir Salon 5000 Air Purifier) uses a three-stage filtration process to combat VOC’s and particles in salons. Air first passes through a pre-filter designed to capture large particles. After the bigger particles are removed, the air passes through an eighteen-pound, impregnated carbon blend specifically designed to VOC’s. The last layer is a medical-grade HEPA filter that traps 99.97% of particles down to .3 microns. This unit includes a three-inch, six-foot-long flexible source-capture hose to hook into vent systems, if you desire, as well as a UV light.Who Needs ItThe AllerAir Salon Pro 5 Plus is a source-capture air-purifying unit designed to capture chemicals, odors and particles associated with manicures and pedicures, before they become airborne. The Salon 5000 is equipped with a deep-bed activated carbon filter to provide nail salon patrons and employees with clean, safe indoor air.What’s In The Box (Note: unit comes in two boxes)Unit (One Box) Size: 20.5″ high x 15″ diameter Weight: 47 lbsFilters (Second Box) Pre-Filter Carbon Filter HEPA FilterOptional Features Custom Carbon Blend UV Light 220V power supply (please specify in which country the unit will be operated)Optional features must be customized to your unit and may have an additional charge. Call (800) 334-1494 to complete your order with an Air Purification Consultant.

AllerAir Air Purifier

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